Warmoth J-Style Fretless Bass- Replace pickups, electronics, bridge and setup.


The customers wanted to replace active EMG pickups with a set of passive Aguilars.  The emg's were used with an Aguilar OB-3 onboard preamp, which was kept.  Going from active pickups to passive pickups changes things, even if you're using a preamp.  For one, the bridge now needs to be grounded.  Problem, this guitar wasn't even drilled for a ground wire.  So right off the bat, we've gone from changing a set up pickups to drilling 4 inches into the guitar. 

Next,  the volume pot was replaced with the correct pot value for passive pickups.  The push-pull pot that controlled the mids and switched between 400k and 800k was replaced with a standard pot to only attenuate 400k as requested.  The cavity was also shielded with copper tape, the bridge was replaced with a Schaller, and it was setup with D'addario Chromes.