Penco Dreadnought (Martin Copy) - Spruce Patch and Reglue Bridge

This guitar was made in China and distributed exclusively by Philadelphia Music Company.  The sticker inside says Limerick, PA which is a couple miles west of us.  The box was constructed with laminate woods but sounds pretty decent and the back and sides ply has a beautiful Brazilian RW.  

The bridge was lifting off the top and needed to be removed, cleaned up, and re-glued.  Upon removal I could see there was some wood missing and the glob of epoxy left on the bridge had been there to fill that gap.  I patched up the top with a piece of spruce to give the bridge a larger glue surface.  

Ideally, I wouldn't want the patch to start at the perimeter of the bridge, and constructing an oversized bridge to bridge the top wood and patch would be something I would have considered.  But I'm not sure that wouldn't be over-kill for a guitar like this.  And, I feel better since the location of the patch is toward the sound-hole side of the bridge, an area where the least amount of pull-up tension from the strings is applied.